7 Non-cornball (and v late) New Years Resolutions that are actually plausible: 2017 Edition

I brought up two of these in conversation yesterday and realized I never actually published this list. Better late than never I suppose??

1) Write a book.
Okay, this is ambitious, but if Rory Gilmore can do it, so can I. Plus I might have some collaborators…stay tuned.

2) Be on time.
My tardiness has become such an issue that I’m now identified as someone who is expected to arrive at least 15 minutes late….this is not okay.

3) Read the Bible from start to finish.
It is something I’ve always wanted to do, so why not try in 2017?

4) Prioritize friendships, old and new.
Adulthood has been kind to me in that I’ve recently met lots of amazing people, but I’ve also had the opportunity to reconnect with awesome pals from the past — regardless, they all deserve some TLC.

5) Set small goals.
I’m great at big-picture stuff, but I struggle with nitty-gritty tasks like hanging up all the clothes piled onto my bedroom chair.

6) Eat healthier.
Apparently running a half marathon doesn’t cancel out eating Chic-fil-a twice a week.

7) Don’t think twice.
Including but not limited to: making plans, giving food to homeless people, expressing my feelings, volunteering, giving compliments, writing down funny stories, saying a quick prayer etc. If I’m drawn to something, I shouldn’t hesitate.

Yay for doing stuff!

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