Your Draft Quota is Full

I have drafted 14 posts that have never been published. 14. Some are complete stories that didn’t feel right once I took off my author glasses and looked on as a reader. Some are short jibber-jabbers of nonsense that I failed to piece together. Some are interesting ideas I was just too lazy to give a proper life. Lumped into one unit, this pile of ghost-writing screams LACK OF COMMITMENT.

It’s been nearly two months since I’ve written on this blog. I started journaling again, but before I pat myself on the back, let’s pick apart this sentence, shall we?

Started: I wrote one page-long entry four days ago. Journaling: I felt what I was writing is too private to post online. Again: I’ve written in journals before but never made a consistent habit of it.

If something makes you happy (writing), why do you resist? Why do we feed the things (distractions) that take away the one resource driving each and every day (time)?

If distraction is the antagonist of commitment, how do we escape from its perennial void?

For starters, I wrote this. And if you’re reading it, that means I hit publish.

13 drafts to go.

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