The Haynes Sisters

When I first was introduced to Claire and Margaret Fisher, I did not like them. They were loud, little alien-babies who stole away the attention from my parents, often prompting me to scorn my sisters with sass and distaste. Over the years, however, I swallowed my pride and realized that these two people were here to be my friends, so the three of us joined forces and became a trifecta of fun. It was honestly the best childhood a kid could hope for (mostly because Liz and Warren are such stellar parents), and I never once doubted that Claire and Margaret and I would remain close for the rest of our lives.

Being less than four years apart, most stages in my life have lined-up with theirs: with the exception of a handful of times here or there, we were always on the same page as far as priorities, issues, hopes, fears, etc. I’m not going to lie, though, the last couple of years have been hard. Our worlds turned upside down in various ways, and we all struggled to resonate with one another. But God works in mysterious ways, and I think I finally am beginning to grasp that the fact our relationship is changing is a good thing.

Let me break it down for you, plain and simple: my sisters are incredible human beings. They are no longer children, but rather they are actively shaping their futures by being women of integrity, tenacity, and brilliance. For example, Claire just chaired a huge event at Texas A&M, which saw thousands of students — most of them freshmen — being exposed to the MSC in the form of a massive block party in the center of campus…she’s a sophomore, by the way. Margaret has spent the entire summer working for my dad’s law firm because she’s decided to pursue a career as an attorney, on top of developing her art in film. I’m sorry, but how badass are these two people?

This is what’s really been the turning point for me: recognizing just how remarkable my sisters are and being grateful that I get to go through life with them at my side. This used to mean that I’d be heartbroken at the very thought of them not physically being next to be, but I realize now that their destinies might take them elsewhere in order to truly live up to their full potentials. Obviously I would still love it if we all ended up in one place, but this season has taught me that cherishing time together makes relationships stronger than any distance. Claire has been in College Station all summer, so the short snippets I get to see her are precious because it’s not a frequent occurrence. And Margaret, who I rarely get to spend time with because she lives halfway across the country, has fostered such an amazing bond with me during her time at home.

It makes me very sad to know that Margaret is back in New York and Claire will soon be busy with classes that require her to stay at school, but I cannot begin to convey just how proud I am of them. Claire and Margaret inspire me everyday with their courage, compassion, and conviction; it’s been marvelous watching God use them as vessels to spread love and light in their own ways, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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