Nice to see you again, Scotland

Howdy from Scotland! I am back in this beautiful country and couldn’t be more excited. Julie and I have embarked on a grand adventure to Scotland and Ireland, so get ready for tales of lush landscapes, Celtic culture, and delicious drinks. On Friday, I flew from Houston to Edinburgh and had several hours to waste before meeting up with Julie. She has been on quite the European expedition hereself, exploring many Eastern and Central European countries during her summer break from medical school. Having been in this predicament multiple times before, I knew that the best way to avoid jet-lag would be to walk around and get a feel for Edinburgh firsthand.

Three years ago, my family and I traveled to Scotland and spent a day in this grand city. I was eager to return, so as soon as I got into the city center, I dropped my bags at the left luggage center (as I couldn’t check into our Airbnb for a couple more hours) and started walking. Edinburgh looks exactly as you would picture an ancient European city: the streets are windy with cobblestones and tucked away closes (staircases in alleyways that connect parallel roads). Because Edinburgh is built on top of a volcano (it’s dormant, don’t worry), you are essential mountain climbing in the city. Let’s just say hauling luggage makes me wish I was a more adventurous backpacker. I would like to note, however, that I managed to fit all my belongings into one carry-on sized suitcase, a feat for the overpacker that I am! 

I browsed the Scottish Portrait Gallery and wandered around the Princes Street Gardens until finally making my way to our flat, whereupon Julie joined me! She and I ate a yummy fish and chips dinner and visited a pub my friend recommended, The Jolly Judge (thanks, Philippa!). 

I’ll recap yesterday in a separate post because it was SO MUCH FUN: involving Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, and Texas pride.

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