7 Questions Every Post Grad Asks Themselves

Although I graduated from Texas A&M way back in May (it’s been nearly 9 months — how crazy is that?!), I finally feel like I’ve regained my sense of “normal”. My weekly routines are pretty solid, and I no longer wake up wondering when this weird break from school will conclude. I am now able to travel back to Aggieland and not fall victim to my own nostalgic pining; this weekend I even got to attend the annual OPAS Gala as a guest, not a student….and it was awesome!

Having finally caught up to my status as a “young professional”, I’ve come to find that there’s a whole slew of topics the world just expects you to know how to navigate…. Here are some of life’s mysteries I question daily….

1. Is it as unhealthy as I think it is for me to spend so much time staring at a screen?
I’ve started to exclusively read during my lunch break (physical books, mind you) because I realized I go from a computer screen to my iPhone to a tablet….the struggle is real.

2. How am I supposed to get my 10,000 steps in each day if I sit at a desk?
I’ve only seen my Fitbit do its little celebratory dance a few times since purchasing this thing a month ago….and I even make an effort to walk around outside!

3. What is a 401K….or really any long-term bank account thingy….but seriously….?
I’m pretty sure I have one….Warren Fisher, financier extraordinaire, set up a Roth IRA for me….but even after explaining it several times….I still just have zero clue…..

4. Will I ever make as good of friends as I did in college?
Without a built in common denominator like school, it’s really, really, really, really hard to establish a solid connection. Especially when you already have you’ve already found your besties/soul mates, they’re just far away.

5. If I listen to NPR, will I sound more worldly and intelligent?
NPR is a magical three letter acronym that everyone casually name-drops in conversation. I eagerly await the day when I can respond to a discussion with “I heard on NPR….”

6. When will my self-confidence be restored to its former glory?
I work with the greatest people at the most fabulous job, but going from the top-of-the-totem-pole to a fresh faced newb means making rookie mistakes and feeling bad about it….a lot.

7. Why has my alcohol/junk food/desire to go out tolerance  suddenly diminished so drastically?
Like speaking a foreign language, you either use it or you lose it: The city is waaaay more expensive than a college town, and it’s just so nice to go home to Netflix after a long day at work……

Throughout all these inquiries, I’ve come to one and one conclusion alone: no one has any idea what they’re doing, so I might as well play along and learn to deal.

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