9 thoughts I had during the High School Musical 10th Anniversary Special

When High School Musical premiered on January 20, 2006, I was in the 7th grade: it was a point in adolescence where kids programming wasn’t exactly cool, but people still talked about That’s So Raven as one their favorite shows in an non-sarcastic way. I remember coming back from winter break and casually discussing this new Disney Channel Original Movie…. little did we all know it would be the cultural phenomenon that would shape our formative youth years. Now on the 10th anniversary of the High School Musial premiere, I sat down to revisit this teenage classic, courtesy of Disney Channel and their reunion special that aired tonight. Here’s how it went:

1. Wow, it’s been a whole decade since the movie came out…..has it really been that long? I feel old. And sad.

2. Ms. Darbus might be my favorite character; she’s spitting one-liners that Maggie Smith would be proud of.

3. JK Troy’s dad is my new favorite character. Why take Zac Efron with Justin Bieber hair when you can have Coach Bolton…..

4. Speaking of Troy, I’m only slightly offended that Zac Efron was “unable” to make the cast reunion. I get that he’s a movie star and all, but once a Wildcat always a Wildcat, ammiright?

5. Those flip-phones, tho. Okay, maybe it has been 10 years. Ms. Darbus, if you think cell phones are an issue now, just wait til Snaphat comes along.

6. This fashion is on point. The headbands, the sash belts, ALL OF THE SEQUINS. What a time it was to be alive.

7. Kids these days don’t know squat about “sticking to the status quo” — HSM was on the cusp of the Glee revolution where it’s now cool to be different.

8. Do you feel that? Chills. Troy + Gabriella harmonizing = magic.

9. Ugh, why can’t my life be a musical. This looks like so much fun. Unfortunately it’s not. Which is why I am so glad that high school’s over…..

Thanks for the throwback, High School Musical. You gave us millennials so much.

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