7 Non-cornball New Years Resolutions that are actually plausible: 2016 Edition

1. I’m now paying for my own gym membership (versus mooching off my parents’), so I intend to get my money’s worth.

2. I want to always have the “next trip” planned, i.e. have another plane ticket purchased before any upcoming travels.

3. Because I live with Master Chef Liz Fisher, I’m setting out to actually accomplish this cooking resolution that I’ve historically aspired to (and failed at) so many times before.

4. I am committing to writing/reading for at least half an hour everyday.

5. Being an adult is bizarre in that you actually have money and now get to decide how to spend/save/donate it , so I would like to really understand what I’m doing with my $$$.

6. I will actively strive to make a positive mark on the people and places I encounter day-to-day.

7. Lastly, my mission for 2016 is to NOT BE BORING!

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