Thanks For The Memories, 2015

~My year in review, as told through 2015’s New Year’s Resolutions~

1. This is sort of a roll-over from last year, but I am committing to cooking a meal once a week (that’s not Easy-Mac).
Starting off strong, I terribly, horribly failed at this….. I did, however, instagram a lot of really delicious food.
1 Food.JPG

2. Because I’m all about expanding my horizons and such, I want to learn a new hobby or dust off an old one.
After moving back home to Houston, I have gained so much from getting re-involved at my church, now in the young adult ministry. I’ve made lots of new friends participating in everything from bible study to pub trivia.

3. I am going to drink lots and lots and lots more water.
Especially since starting work, I’ve kept a water bottle at my side and stayed hydrated, trying to opt out of sodas to stick to this goal.

4. Seeing as it’s my last semester of college, I want to take at least one spontaneous road trip….or something along those lines.
When my best friend from studying abroad texted me that she was coming to Texas, I knew I had to meet up with her. So one Sunday morning, I drove to San Antonio and back for brunch; it was the sweetest reunion, even just for a couple of hours. I also (somewhat) spontaneously visited Alex and Margaret in New York earlier this month, thus beginning my solo travels as an adult.

5. I would like to organize my life and living space to the point that even my mother will be satisfied.
My childhood bedroom is all grown up: I cleaned out my closet, purged myself of unnecessary clutter and donated three car trunks worth of messiness for a more organized Rachel.   

6. In the spirit of Carrie Bradshaw, I’m hoping to post on the blog weekly because I’ve been really, really lazy about writing — who knows, maybe I’ll get a TV show about my life!
I posted a total of 34 entries over the course of 2015, so I’d say that’s a pretty substantial number compared to the 10 I wrote in 2014! Plus, the blog got a whole new look and new home with wordpress, a big step for someone as bad at computers as I am.

7. I pray to make the most of my remaining time at A&M and plunge head-first into this crazy thing called adulthood with eagerness and an open-mind.

2015 was quite the eventful year! Filled with emotional endings and exciting beginnings, this year proved to be one of the most defining times of my life:

I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Urban & Regional Planning and minor in English, saying goodbye to MSC OPAS and my time as Chair.   

My last Spring Break was spent at the Happiest Place on Earth, and I even get to ring in the New Year here at Disney World (I’m typing this waiting for the fireworks to begin)!4eb6f-image1   

My best friends and I moved out of our house where we spent two fun-filled years and took a Spice JAHR road trip to Destin, Florida.   

I went on the biggest and most amazing trip of my life when I explored Italy and France with Alex and Jordan, then meeting up with my family in England.   

By the grace of God, I landed my dream job and began work this fall as the Marketing Coordinator of Miller Outdoor Theatre, helping to bring free world-class shows to Houston (and even going to our Gala with Tony Danza)!11205518_10207856802726039_4038097275090013644_n-2   

As we approach the final hours of 2015, I thank God for each moment big and small, as well as His constant reminders that the best is yet to come. 

Happy New Year!

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