Halloween Highs and Lows

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays for a plethora of reasons, but this evening of fright isn’t necessarily all fun and games. Because I’m sure you’re all ~dying~ to know, here is my list highs and lows concerning October 31st:

High: Free sweets.
This goes without saying, candy is the best. There was nothing more exciting than bursting through the front door after a long night of trick-or-treating with a sore shoulder from lugging your massive candy bucket around. Of course, you had to wait while your parents inspected it all (because safety), but once you got the OK, it was a massacre of treats. Like a piñata, minus the Hunger Games-esque bloodbath.*

Low: Not an actual government holiday.
Nothing is worse than realizing you have to wake up the next morning to resume real life on November 1st, regardless of whether you’re six or twenty-six years old. We are #blessed that Halloween happens to fall on a Saturday this year, but 2016 is gonna be a real buzzkill when the ghouls come out after a long day at the office.

High: Participation across the board.
As someone who jumps at any opportunity to dress according to theme (tacky Christmas sweater parties, midnight movie premieres, National Doughnut Day), my festive little heart melts when I see my Facebook newsfeed littered with acquaintances dressed as characters from Frozen and Top Gun. Even people who think they’re quote-unquote “too cool” for Halloween settle on a skintight dress and cat ears or a Tony Romo jersey and eye-black because #class.

Low: Vague dress code.
While most everyone does, in fact, celebrate with costumes, I’ve had my fair share of awkward dress-up encounters. For example, I was informed my freshmen year of college that EVERYBODY wore their costume to class on Halloween. Merrily strolling through campus sporting my Greek Goddess shimmer toga, I confidently walked into the front of my 300 person lecture hall just as the professor began speaking. Only then did I look up and realize that NOT A SINGLE SOUL was dressed in anything more than yoga pants and the free t-shirt they got from the Office of Diversity. Knowing I had to either a. leave immediately and drop the class or b. say “screw you society” and own it, I chose the latter and resumed my seat in the front row, olive branch wreath and all. Needless to say, I have learned to be more cautious with costuming.

High: (Most) people are their best selves.
On Halloween, you can literally be anything you want. Cinderella? Sure. Daenerys Targaryen? Of course. Left Shark? Go crazy. The possibilities are endless, and it’s really an opportunity for people’s creativity to shine. Whether you’re going for this-is-what-I-want-to-be-when-I-grow-up (I was once Sailor Moon because #goals) or dazzling your peers with your wit/innovation/talent, Halloween is the perfect time to show everyone what you’re made of.

Low: Scary stuff.
I get that I’m an adult and all, but that doesn’t mean I don’t immediately turn on my bedside light when something goes bump in the night. Each Halloween I talk myself into watching scary movies — even going to a haunted house last year — which is fun when you’re with your other frightened friends, but it sure does make the walk to your car a whole lot more unpleasant. Ya know, because a zombie might be lurking around the corner.

Ups and downs alike, October 31st will always hold a special place in heart as the most ~thrilling~ of holidays. May your Halloween be filled with spooks and silliness!

*Even though my days of trick-or-treating have long since passed, I still reap the benefits of Halloween treats a la booze. Yay for celebration!

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