Charlecote Park

Last Sunday, July 5th, we awoke in our country house and decided to explore this magnificent manor and its grounds. The style of the house is Tudor, as some of its famous visitors were William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I. Walking through the Great Hall, library and parlor, we marveled at the beautiful furnishings and counted our blessings once more that we were able to stay at such a neat place.

That evening, after wandering through the serene countryside of Charlecote Park, we played croquet in the gardens, as we now had the grounds all to ourselves. The sun was setting, and I felt blissfully at peace; all five of us were laughing together, admiring each other’s company and God’s beautiful creation.

I was reminded of something I learned in one of my Urban Planning classes, about the importance of exposure to different environments: it is vital for children growing up in the country to visit an urban city, as well as for city kids to visit the countryside, in order to give them perspective on how the world works. This principle has always stuck with me because, despite having grown up in a large metropolitan area, I know the beauty of nature and the relief one gets from breathing fresh air. I’ve never been one for camping, but sitting here on the River Avon among the deer and swans and flowers and trees gives me an inalienable gratitude for a this glorious Earth we all inhabit. Being surrounded by my loved ones, basking in the golden sun set, that is when life is truly beautiful.

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