Ciao, Bella

Well folks, today marks the end of our time in Italy. This morning, we went to the Doge’s Palace, which was both beautiful and fascinating. Along with having gorgeous architecture and furnishings, the palace also served as their government’s headquarters. With a system of checks and balances, Venice’s government was quite advanced for their time, so, being the nerd that I am, I now really want to learn more about it. Traveling is both exciting and educational!
After the Doge’s Palace, we wandered around the city some more. Venice is so remarkable in that you really are never sure of where you’re going, but the people and places are so lovely that it doesn’t really matter. After lunch, we did our very touristy gondola ride, which was very fun and relaxing. Compared to yesterday, the weather was stunning, so we were able to sit back in the sunshine and row along the Grand Canal. Also, our gondolier answered the question we’ve been wondering this whole time, which is how many people actually fall into the water. His reply was “lots” which led us to sigh in relief, just in case it happens to one of us!
We headed back to the apartment to put away our souvenirs and get packed up. Tomorrow, we leave for Paris, but because our flight is so early and leaves from an airport outside the city, we are catching the water bus at 5:15 AM… I will be going to sleep soon after posting this (it’s 8:15 PM here).
With most of our things together, we set out for one final Italian dinner. But first, we went on quite a wild goose chase to track down an authentic cannoli. We were (somewhat) successful, and broke the rules by having dessert before dinner. Alex, Jordan and I sat in a piazza and ate our spaghetti, reminiscing on our wonderful time in Italy. We then had our final gelato and headed home for the night. I’m going to miss this beautiful country, but I’m very, very excited to see Paris tomorrow!

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