Sometimes it’s just really necessary to sit in your Carol Burnett chair and think about life.

There’s something most humans go through that I like to call the “Birthday Blues”: when you’ve got a lot of really neat things happening (i.e. your birthday) and yet you find yourself super bummed out. Yeah, it sucks. Because one minute you’re totally happy-go-lucky jamming to some Taylor Swift in your car, and the next minute you’re having to pause Grey’s Anatomy because you’re sobbing in the living room to your roommate (God bless them).

The point is, we all get in funks. This post, however, is not about my funk. The purpose of me writing today, ladies and gentlemen, is to talk about all the nifty things one can do to get oneself out of said funk. Here are some of the fun, kooky, therapeutic, and always happy things I enjoy doing when I’m feeling down-and-out; who knows, maybe you’ll relate to something and it’ll ease you out of whatever gloom is plaguing your day!
1) Pump up the jams
Brendan Jordan #gif #dancing
Seriously, have you ever met anyone who doesn’t feel better after listening to their favorite song? Plug in your headphones, crank up whatever makes you smile, and dance like no one’s watching. Okay, the last point isn’t absolutely necessary, especially if you’re, say, shopping for groceries (but hey, YOLO). Regardless, a song can change your whole outlook on problems. Personally, I am a sucker for show tunes: whenever I’m feeling sad, I just remember “My Favorite Things” (see what I did there) and regain automatic pep in my step. 
2) Eat, drink, and be merry
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Life is short. Eat the cupcake. This is in no way me endorsing turning to binge eating or drinking to fix your problems (because they won’t), however sometimes we just need a piece of chocolate to cheer us up. Or a glass of wine. Or two. Food truly does bring people together, so why not press pause on the craziness and call up a friend to go grab a bite to eat? As long as you don’t abuse these luxuries, seize the day and go for the extra guacamole at Chipotle. 
3) Do something for someone else
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I love this. I love that we can externally focus our attention on something positive and not have to worry about the things going on internally. I love that you can turn one of your bad days into a good day for someone else. I know that this can be really difficult at times; everyone is allowed to feel sorry for themselves because sometimes you truly deserve some pity. But I love that when our view on life is a bit skewed, we can put things into perspective by helping someone without expecting recognition or return. 
4) Count your blessings.
Super simple. In your head, list every single thing you can think of that you are grateful for. Everything from that new dress you bought online to your cats to the air in your lungs. List each thing by name, and remember that there are people in the world who have a lot less and are suffering a lot more. Gratitude = happiness.
5) Accomplish a task (or two)
A good majority of the time when I’m upset, it’s because I’m feeling overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. One great way to narrow in on the things that matter is to complete something on your to-do list. Maybe it’s not the best time to tackle a big one, like “jog a nine minute mile”, but doing something like say, your laundry, is both productive and affirming (if you can ever consider laundry affirming). It’ll make you feel more successful and put you on the right track for bigger and better things.
6) Talk it out
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Sometimes the best thing to do is just to have a really good cry. For me, crying alone does way more damage than good, but crying to someone who cares about me is extremely therapeutic. I never try to impose on my loved ones, but they are so incredible in that they can usually sense when something is up. Being the extrovert that I am, this address usually leads to my outpouring of emotions and conclusions that I didn’t even know I could come to, so I always feel a tremendous sense of relief and clarity. Even if it’s not your style to spell out every detail of your sorrow like I do, write in a journal, call a grandparent, or just have a good ol’ fashion conversation with God, because it’ll usually give you a greater sense of how to tackle the problem.
Hopefully some of these tidbits will give you a laugh or even help you out the next time you’re in a funk, because guess what? YOU ARE AWESOME and deserve nothing but to feel wonderful things. From one human being, to another.

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