DIY Wasp Extermination

The scene: a typical Thursday night at Spice JAHR’s residence. All is quiet on the home front….until an intruder (wasp) is discovered! What are three helpless residents to do? These are their stories:

In order to remove the wasps’ nest, we put our heads together and conlcude that knocking it off would be most effective. Since we do not want to be in close proximity when we anger said wasps, we decide that a racquet ball will suffice:
Nope! Onto the next escapade….a tennis ball!
Womp, womp, womp……

Taking risks for the cause (our street can be a bit…spooky):

Close, but no cigar. Moving onto the next tactic, we pursue a chemical approach: windex or hairspray?

At this point, we all begin to quote My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a film that is applicable in any and all situations.
*There wasn’t a good clip of the windex quote, but this one is equally hilarious.

Smoking it out doesn’t work; back to square one. Being that this is Texas and, despite our feminine tendencies, we are quite bro, Spice JAHR decides to literally shoot it down…..with dart guns.
Although this is by far the most entertaining tactic, the quality of our dart guns mixed with our less-than-impeccable aim leaves us unsuccessful. At our wits end, we devise a plan to knock the wasps’ nest off with a broom. Realizing that the length of the broom is much shorter than the preferred length of distance between us and the nest, we go full-on engineer and duct tape the broom to a baseball bat. Innovation at its finest, team.
Success! And it only took 45 minutes! While some might deem this mission as a humiliating blow (it was a simple wasps’ nest, after all), I like to think that I’ll look back on these goofy, fun moments and chuckle at our silliness. Because things are much more humorous on the other side of a wasp intrusion.
Epilogue: We accidentally let in several mosquito hawks into the house; luckily Haylie was home to take care of business.
And that folks, is how you exterminate wasps.

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