Musings of a Sunday Night

This is my forewarning to you, readers: brace yourselves for a sappy post.

Often times I go through experiences, big or small, and divulge the emotions that have built up inside me (duh, this is me we’re talking about). Most of the time, speaking to friends and family keeps me fulfilled, but tonight I feel the need to tell those occupying the world wide web just what emotion I’m personifying and that is full.

While this weekend has had its very drastic ups and downs, instead of focusing on what has happened, I want to describe the effects these events have had on me, specifically the positive things. You see, nothing particularly extraordinary occurred. No incredible opportunities arouse; there were no grand successes or dreams fulfilled. But I’ve had quite the eventful past few days in terms of seeing those I care about: from old friends that have since moved away to my work family in Downtown Bryan. And it was exactly what I needed: a reminder of just how unbelievably blessed I am to be loved by the people in my life.

On Saturday night, OPAS brought Guys and Dolls to College Station, and my family and roommates were fortunate enough to be able to attend. (Usually the shows are on weeknights, making scheduling a bit trickier). Along with the dear friends that are always at performances, here were the two other most important groups of people to me, all in Rudder Auditorium! I’ve stated before that my version of Heaven on Earth is being surrounded by everyone that I love, and there I was, doing what I love with the people that I love. Love, love, love. I know I sound like a broken record, but I cannot express just how deep my love is for each and every one of them. To be able to share a performance night — the pinnacle of the organization that I….you guessed it….love — was the absolute greatest experience, and I will never forget that sense of happiness and fulfillment.

The thing is, nothing in life really matters except people. I could climb Mt. Everest, win the lottery and fly to the moon in one day, but none of that could ever surpass the joy I feel when I’m with my loved ones. That phenomenon of wholeness is what I believe to be God’s way of showing us what’s important. It is so easy to get caught up in our achievements (and failures): placing our happiness in situations and circumstances. These things are absolutely important and should be duly celebrated and sought after, yet they are not everything. Sharing love with those around you, just as God does to us, that’s what we need to strive to do. Because in the moments when we pause and look around at all the people that bless us — regardless of whether they’re in the same room or a thousand miles away —  we are welcoming God’s love into our hearts and can truly feel peace in full.

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