7 Non-cornball New Years Resolutions that are actually plausible: 2015 Edition

1. This is sort of a roll-over from last year, but I am committing to cooking a meal once a week (that’s not Easy-Mac).

2. Because I’m all about expanding my horizons and such, I want to learn a new hobby or dust off an old one.

3. I am going to drink lots and lots and lots more water.

4. Seeing as it’s my last semester of college, I want to take at least one spontaneous road trip….or something along those lines.

5. I would like to organize my life and living space to the point that even my mother will be satisfied.

6. In the spirit of Carrie Bradshaw, I’m hoping to post on the blog weekly because I’ve been really, really lazy about writing — who knows, maybe I’ll get a TV show about my life!

7. I pray to make the most of my remaining time at A&M and plunge head-first into this crazy thing called adulthood with eagerness and an open-mind.

Yes, that last point was corny. But what would 2015 be without one?


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