It’s Been Real, 2014

Happy New Year!

Before I started this blog, I never really kept up with my New Years Resolutions. But 2014 saw a different, more committed Rachel, and I actually accomplished most of my goals! Here’s a quick recap of what happened in my life the past 365 days (as told through my 2014 resolutions):

1. I want to drastically cut my hair short and not look like a total idiot (see my fifth grade yearbook).
Fully committing to the MSC OPAS Gala theme of Great Gatsby, I went from having long curls to a short bob…..go big or go home!

Jordan, Alex and I partying like it’s 1929

2. I would like to prepare a meal that doesn’t involve using a microwave and actually has some nutritional value (cupcakes, I’m talking to you).
Okay, so I didn’t exactly turn into Ina Garten, but I did have lots of fun with my roommates on Sunday afternoons when we had our Cultural Sundays! Every week, one of us would prepare a dish from a foreign country, the highlight being some delicious (and quite complicated) Swedish Saffron Buns I prepared.

Short trip to Sweden

3. I want to be in shape enough so that when a “jump-up-and-down” song comes on at a party, I won’t be out of breath by the end of the chorus.
Out of all my 2014 resolutions, this was by far the one I had to work the hardest for. But I’ve been taking yoga classes and started running this summer; I even participated in a 5K!

Look Ma, I did it!

4. I’m turning 21 this year, so I hope to become a full-fledged wine connoisseur…or at least be able to walk into a liquor store and not blindly buy cheap, gross wine.
Wine is delicious. That’s all I have to say about that.

5. I want to actually know what’s going on in my government and the rest of the world, which requires reading articles that aren’t just about cats or Downton Abbey.
A lot happened in the world during 2014, and by downloading several news update apps and subscribing to theSkimm (which I highly recommend), I really did stay on top of current events.

6. It would be really cool if this blog could gain some sort of notoriety a la Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. (Although I wouldn’t mind a book deal!)
Alas, no book deal, but I have very much enjoyed writing, regardless of how many people read this blog!

7. I truly love my life, so I hope to live in a way that is deserving of all these many blessings.
Though 2014 brought many new trials and heartbreaks, it was an incredible year that will forever impact me. Some other notable events that took place were:

  • Interning at an amazing company, AdventGX through the summer and fall
  • Traveling to New York City and taking an Alaskan cruise
  • Serving as Chair of MSC OPAS and helping to bring incredible performances like Phillip Phillips to Texas A&M
  • Finishing my first semester of senior year, which has proven to be the most exciting/demanding/exhilarating/unbelievable time in my life

My coworkers and I having fun, as always
Central Park in the snow
    Spice JAHR at our last home game together
    Phillip Phillips being a goofball with the OPAS Execs
    The Fishers loving Alaska

    As we enter into 2015, I thank God for the many blessings He’s bestowed, and I pray for a happy and healthy new year!

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